Beware! These Types of Drinks and Foods Cause Blackheads

Marsha Beauty – The appearance of blackheads can be caused by many factors such as excessive sebum production, clogged pores, inflammation, hormones, and bacteria. Where it has not been seen directly the consumption of certain types of food triggers blackheads. However, from recent research, consuming certain types of food can trigger blackheads, Marshalova said. About what foods cause blackheads?

Get to know blackheads and their types

In general there are two types of blackheads, including open blackheads (blackheads) and closed blackheads (whiteheads). Blackheads appear black or gray because of dead skin cells and excess sebum that clogs the pores oxidized with air then blackens. While whiteheads have a white color that can be accompanied by pus in the middle due to inflammation.

Both blackheads and whiteheads are of course quite disturbing. Therefore, preventing its appearance by diligently taking care and controlling food intake is considered wiser. The reason is that some types of food can be a trigger factor for blackheads, so it can be said to include causing blackheads. As for Marsha Beauty register food believed to increase the chances of the appearance of blackheads.

These Drinks and Foods Cause Blackheads, Let’s Be More Selective!

Here are some types of drinks and foods that cause blackheads that you should avoid, including the following:

Fast Food

A glimpse of nuggets, fries, hot dogs, and more looks delicious. However, know that fast food or Western -style fast food is so high in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. In addition to not being good for the health of the body, fast food is also not good for the health of your skin.

From the results of the study, it was found that fast food consumption affects gene expression. Moreover, consuming a lot of fast food is also believed to change hormone levels and cause blackheads. You can occasionally consume fast food, but don’t make it a daily consumption.

Foods with Trans Fat Content

High levels of trans fat in foods are usually found in processed foods. Examples are chips, biscuits, and more. Therefore you need to know what ingredients are contained in the packaging before consuming it.

Trans fats can cause blockage of small blood vessels. Worse, this content can also clog the arteries of the heart, leading to the risk of heart disease.

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Chocolate with Milk Content

Other causes of commando are chocolate foods with milk content. The content of this milk is believed to increase the levels of the hormone insulin. Where not only chocolate but actually also includes all types of foods with high milk content.

Consumption of chocolate is okay, but make sure not to overdo it. In order to avoid the appearance of blackheads, it is recommended to consume dark chocolate.

Beverage Products with Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is usually found in packaged beverage products, bottled tea, and syrups. Some processed products with this content will absorb directly into it quickly.

Processed products with refined sugar content tend to cause a high glycemic index. When your body responds by producing large amounts of insulin to lower blood sugar, it also affects other hormones. Including hormones that will increase sebum production.

Alcoholic Beverages

Some types of alcoholic beverages have a very high sugar content. Therefore, the consumption of alcoholic beverages such as mojitos, cocktails, or margaritas can cause a spike in blood sugar.

Another reason is that alcohol is a diuretic that makes the skin dry, regenerated, and clogged pores. This is what indirectly causes the appearance of blackheads.

Thus some of the foods that cause blackheads that Marshalova needs to know so she can avoid them. Hope this article can be useful for you!